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in this photo nathan looks like tom’s expecting wife


and zachary is the photobombing brother in law

nathan, you’re glowing

Tagged: this is everything I never knew I wantedlike... nearly more than anythingwhat precisely must I barter withoh beelzebub!hear my pleas!name your demandsbut seriouslynathan you are glowingtom hiddlestonnathan fillionzachary levihalp!I have fangirledand I can't get up

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Chris Pine for Valentine’s 2014

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Tagged: mother. of. god.christopher whitelaw pinewhat part of this - ANY of this - do you think is okaybecause it is notit never shall beand i never EVER wish for you to stopseriously thoughgodDAYUMall the pornin factmore arousing that *actual* pornthis manand hisgaze of sexthe things i would to him...unending and unspeakableslithering up his bodyrelieving the confines of those scandalously tight trousersyeah... UNSPEAKABLEi need a cigarettechris crisislevels are at criticalthis is a three battery problemchris pinefeeferj

Tagged: verily i say unto theeHALP. ME.these two...i cannothow i managed to make it out of the theatre with my life - not to mention my retinas and my feels... and my ladybits - still intacti know notbastardsstraight. up. hot-as-hell shakespearean of the single greatests experiences of my lifenot a bit of that is exaggerationtom hiddlestoncoriolanushadley fraserntlive

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Tagged: thomas william hiddlestonhave i told you lately that i hate youand your goddamn strokable skinbecause seriously... that neckobsceneshamelessnever stop doing that thing you dohoweverlet us understand one anotheri shall never stop doing this obsessively lustful thing that i dojust sayingtom hiddlestonneck pornof a critical nature


Tagged: what the whati cannoteventhis ship has sailedseriously thoughsashathose godalways wear themuntil you aren'tand that is even bettergrimmdavid guintolisasha roiznick burkhardtsean renardcaptain renardwhat even is this shipawesomeis what it is


First pic of Tom for the Jaguar advertisement for the Super Bowl #GoodToBeBad

Tagged: thomas william hiddlestonhave i told you lately that i hate youand i cannot EVEN with youand your obscene bone stucturewhat even is that tweed suitthe levels of porn captured within this single image...again i say i cannotjaguarmay the gods the bless yougood to be badumm... yeahobviouslytom hiddlestonhalp. me.

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Tagged: mr. hemsworthyou gorgeous bastard youbut seriouslyhow dare you swan about the planetwith your stunning good looksand your adorbs personalityand your sexy accentshamefulshameful i say!p.s. never stopEVERcrisis levels are risingcrises of the christopher varietythat isdayumjust... DAYUMchris hemsworthfeeferj

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Tagged: karlhave i told you lately that i hate youyou gorgeous GORGEOUS bastardshall we address all of the pornshall we?!cause... yeahhair pornhand porngoddamnscarf porni cannot with you any longer mr. urbancarry onbe certain to being the neck accessory with youbecause of reasonsnone of them appropriatekarl urbankarl crisisfeeferj

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Tagged: mr. urban...we have a problemnamelyyour faceand the shameless attempts to bring about my destruction employed by itand yetthere are several other issues presented here todaythehair pornand howthe unrepententbutton allergythe eyebrow of ladybit doomand theforearm pornmy. god.seriouslykarlyour forearms are more arousing than ACTUAL pornall theUNFall of itthis is akarl crisisof unprecedented levelsjust... go on without menot you karlyou and your forearms shall be going NOWHEREkarl urbani hate you