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Tagged: thomas william hiddlestonyou dapper son of a bitchwhat even is thishow dare you with these levels ofunmitigated three-piece suit pornwaistcoatsi am alarmingly unashamed to say that you have a direct line to my heartand by heart i mean - of course - ladybitsseriously thoughtom hiddlestonhave i told you lately that i hate youand youreyebrow of ladybit doomgthoand by out i mean - of course - directly into my personi mean....wutwe are so far beyond apologies on this blogshhhh.... just come

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Tagged: sebastian stanyou unrepentantly gorgeous bastardtake your dripping glistening torse and GTHOand by out i mean directly into my boudoirposthaste!but seriouslyyesmy god...this is a crisis of the most dire varietythis man is quite simply out to destroy meand my retinasand obviously my ladybitsi would be telling shameless falsehoods were i to claim that i did not welcome it all

Graham Norton reads a James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender fan fiction summary to James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

Tagged: oh mythe sordid web which we fangirls weaveand now the objects of our lustful musings (read: obessions) are privy towe should all be ashamedobviously we're notbut... we should bealsoyou two bastards need to stop being so damn adorbs alreadyit is simply not onbut seriouslynever stopmichael fassbenderjames mcavoymcbendergraham nortonwho seems to be the biggest fan... person? of us all

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Scott Summers (Cyclops) (by request of Scottxlogan& his optic blasts/visors (by request of anonymous)

Tagged: scott summersyou at-times-aggravatingly-adorableboy scouti love youi don't even careyou do not receive nearly the love that you shouldfrom logani everyoneand no one in particularsuch as a gruff adamantium-laden sexy bastard namedlogannopenot at all what i truly meantcyclopswolverinescogan

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Sebastian Stan photographed by Justin Bridges

Tagged: sebastian stanhave i told you lately that i hate youbecause... yesthat is a thingyou unrepentantly gorgeous bastardhow dare you?!alsonever stoplike... EVERseriously thoughi am nearly lost for wordsall the blood seems to have rushed from my brain to other regions of my bodynamely: my ladybitslet's be honesti blame said situation entirely on youand yourobscene levels of unmitigated monochromatic pornographyit is a problema crisis evennono don't attempt to save mejust.... go onleave me bealso leave a pack of cigarettes whilst you are at itcause... imma gonna need 'em

Tagged: bonesmy sassy bbythere is no universe - alternate or otherwise - where i do not absolutely adore the snarky pants off of youliterallythat is a thingthat i wish to see come to fruitionalsoyour face dear siri wish to slap itand never have it out of my line of viewalso a thingleonard mccoystar trekbones sass is the very best sasskarl urbannobutton allergyhas presented itself as of yetbut give it time

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Tagged: oh godoh god nomuy pheels!i cannotwhat is an even more emphatic and pathetic way of expressing the lost ability to canbecause that is where i am right at this momentnopenopenopenopenopenopenopemy bbieseverything isstuckyand everything hurtsgif creatorwhy would you do this to mesobbing because of my lifeand these two perfect gorgeous tortured bastardssteve rogerscaptain americabucky barnesjames buchanan barneswinter soldiermarvelstarbucks

Tagged: ye gods!the obscene levels of unmitigated pornography gracing my dash right at this moment...i cannotthese three bastardsunrepentantly gorgeous bastardsagain i proclaim: i cannotobviously this translates to:never stopi simply do not wish to live in a world wherekarl urbanzachary quintoandchris pineare not assaulting my retinasand feelsand ladybitsit would simply be too dismal a fate to contemplatea trifecta of crisisbuttony allergyjust... go on without mestar trekmy bbieshalp!

Tagged: sweet baby jeebusi may have snorted out loudi didi did in fact snort out loudthis may just be one of the greatest things i have ever witnessedit isit is one of the greatest things i have ever witnessedmy godwhy must you two make it so SO easy to - nay nigh on impossible not to - ship youdamn younever stopmcbendercherikjames mcavoymichael fassbendercharles xaviererik lehnsherrmagnetoxmenwhat even is my life


Favorite pictures of Tom Hiddleston

Tagged: tom hiddlestonandthe power stance of sexseriously thomaswhat the hell even is airor trousers that are tailored to allow even a spare centimeter of spacei don't knowand i don't careyou just carry right oni cannot promise to stay calmin factit will almost certainly be the precise oppositeas if you were not aware of that by this point in timeseriously thoughgod bless your tailorunmitigated suit porn

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